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SLS Residences, where luxury blends naturally with elegant design and bespoke service, deliver a sense of freedom to make meaningful connections, to live life to its fullest and savour every pleasure along the way.
Your apartment or penthouse is an enclave of cosmopolitan style and understated seduction. It’s also your key to an elite community of movers and shakers; world travellers who know how to infuse work and play with an irrepressible sense of fun. When you’re not entertaining friends in your private home, a curated playground awaits just beyond your doors. Think decadent spa treatments, inventive cuisine, and the very best local nightlife.
SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences
SLS Harbour Beach Residences
SLS Zihuatanejo Hotel & Residences
SLS Puerto Madero Hotel & Residences
SLS Marina Beach Residences
SLS Cancún Hotel & Residences
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